Note: You can only download the end document if you have used a template, otherwise you can copy and paste the text from the opened task as described below.

  1. Log into

2. From the top Left menu select 'ALL TASKS'

Note: In the 'All Tasks' section you will be able to view any task that has ever been put through the system OR is currently going through the system.

3. From here add your search criteria
     a. Period
     b. Task Status
     c. Priority
     d. Departments

Note: The more information you provide the more accurate your search results will be

4. Click 'Update Table' when all search criteria is entered

5. From the generated list below, search for and select the document you wish to view - Click once and it will open

Note: You will only be able to open / view completed tasks - Any task currently 'Live' in the system will not be accessible here. 

6. From here you will be able to view any typing carried out on this document and any available information about the Subject / Patient. 

Note:You will NOT be able to able to modify completed tasks

7. Only if templates are configured will you be able to download a MS Word document. You will have an 'Export DOCX' button down at the bottom right if a template is configured. 

8. If you cannot export your document you can copy and paste it into another application

Note: If there is no template then this button will not be available

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