Note: Audio files can  only be uploaded from a Mangers Account
Note: .DS2 files are not supported

  1. Log into: as an Author

2. Click the upload button at the bottom right of the page

3. You can now drag and drop your audio files onto this page.
     Note: Make sure the audio file is a supported format i.e. wav, mp3, acc, m4a or dss

4. When you drop and drop an audio file in you will see the following:

5. From here we have the options to click 'Select Patient'

6. Here we can change the Patient Name and ID that is displayed
7. Click save when complete

8. We can now see the Patient Name and ID beside the 'Select Patient' button

9. From here we can also change
     a. The priority
     b. The Group
     c. The Document Type - i.e. The template
     d. Or upload additional audio files

10. When you have finished adding documents, press 'Send' and the audio files will be uploaded and passed to the next stage of the workflow e.g. Transcription 

Tip: You can upload multiple documents at any one time and also drop and drop directly from a USB device

Note: It is good practice to enter patient information when possible but it is not a pre-requisite

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