1. When you log in as a manager you will see the following menu options

          Note: Only managers can see this screen

From here you can see a full list of Author and Author Groups. An author only have visibility of documents within his/her own group. When an author log in he/she will only be able to see a list of their own dictations and what status they are currently at. They will also be able to approve their letters if part of their transcription route. 

From here we can see a full list of all Transcribers and Transcriber Groups. Transcribers will only be able to open tasks based on which Author groups are assigned to the workflow they are part of.

An editor would typically have a more in-depth understanding of the documents ' specialty and would proof the document after being transcribed by the initial transcriber.

A reviewer would act as Quality Control for the transcribed document. It is possible to setup a % of documents that are sent for QC. For example it would be possible to send 10% of your documents for QC and therefore 1 out of 10 documents are checked.

 A processing role maybe used in the case where additional information such as blood results, attachments and additional amendments can be added before going for approval / distribution.

A storer is the user who takes the end document from T-Pro and extracts the required information from the typed and finished letter. From here they can copy and paste directly in another application e.g. Word. Or they can download a .docx file of the document and save / print it themselves. 

Only users logged in as a administrators can view the managers tab. A manager can add all of the above user types but NOT another manager. A manager can add or edit users, groups and templates or change the status of a task e.g. Moving it on from approve if a consultant is not available to sign it off. 

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