Note: A secretary can have a typist role AND storing role, or they can be separate roles

  1. Log into:

2. Select 'Storing'
Note: This also shows us how many documents are awaiting storing

3. Select a document from the list
4. Because this is the last stage of a document, we do NOT allow any modification to the document at this point.
5. You can change the Patient Name / ID or you can playback the audio

6. If the document has been created from a template you will be able to export the document as a Word document

7. If the document does NOT have a template attached you will not be able to export the document - You can copy and paste if required

8. If you select 'Return to list' the document will be put back into the 'Storing' list available to anyone part of the same storing group

9. If you select 'Keep as WIP' the document will be put into your 'Work in Progress' list where only YOU can see this document i.e. No one else can see / access the document here

10. If you select 'Finalise' the document will be completed an removed from you work lists. 

Note: The document will be removed from your worklists but can still be accessed but searching for it in 'All Tasks' i.e. Once the document is on the system it will always be on the system

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