1. If any user is having issues and the knowledge base articles cannot help, you can contact T-Pro directly through our helpdesk chat, which is embedded into https://tpro.io and the mobile apps. The helpdesk chat is an instant messaging application that allows ALL users to contact the T-Pro helpdesk directly for any issues or queries.
  2. Log into https://tpro.io
  3. Down at the bottom left we can see the blue/white helpdesk chat button

3. When we click this we get a pop-up similar to the below screen shot. From here we have 3 main points interest

a. Here we can see a list of available support agents

b. A link to our knowledge base - This should be your first point of contact as you may find the answer to you question quicker here. From the knowledge base you can search for your query. 

c. Here you can type your message to the T-Pro support team. Please remember to give as much information as you can about your issue so we can provide the correct information to you as quickly as possible. 

4. If the helpdesk is busy and we are taking longer than usual to reply, the chat bot will recommend knowledge base articles based on the question you have asked e.g. If you ask 'How can I dictate on my phone' the bot will recommend this article with an automated response: https://help.tpro.io/i-am-an-author/how-can-i-dictate-using-the-smartphone-app

5. When a call has been resolved by providing a recommended article, you will be asked to provide feedback on your experience with the call - Please feel free to provide honest feedback so we can continue to improve our service to you.

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