Note: Mobile App approval need to be enabled by a manager - If you cannot see an Approval section within the app if will need to be enabled with management decision. This can be enabled in the Facility settings 

Note: The following screenshots have been taken on an Android device.

  1. Once a task has been recorded and sent for transcription, if 'Approval' is part of the transcription route, the task can be sent back to either the original author or a specified person or group for approval.
  2. If 'Push Notifications' are enabled on for the app, you will receive a notification similar to the below:

3. Once the app is opened, we can see if tasks that are awaiting for approval

4. From here we can select the task to open it and we will see a screen similar to the below and from here we have a several options:

A. You can playback the audio associated with the task
B. You can enable editing on the task by clicking this button which will allow you to edit the document similar to the below which gives us a few additional features:

5. This is a 'read only' field that has been pre-populated by patient demographics retrieved from a PAS system or similar. This text cannot be altered here - only by linking a different patient to the task. 

6. Fields that are NOT marked 'Read Only' can be edited as seen in the 'History' example above. This field can be edited by the approver

 7. The approver also has access to a ribbon bar with several formatting options 

 8. Once the approver is happy with all changes made to the document, they can               click 'Save' to return to the previous screen 

9. The approver can reject the task at any time by clicking 'Reject' - Usually when the approver is not happy with the typed letter or wants the typist to make changes. When 'Reject' is selected - The approver has 2 options

10. Send Back: If the user clicks 'send back', they will be asked for a 'Reason for rejection' before confirming that they want to send it back

11. Reject: If the user selects 'reject', the task is marked as rejected and is removed from all lists - It will still be available in 'All Tasks' in the event it needs to be retrieved again. 

12. Once the approver is clicks 'Approve' the system responds by displaying a confirmation message 'Recording was approved' and the task is moved onto the next stage of the workflow

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