Note: If approval is part of the transcription route the approver (First or Second) will have 2 options as part of the 'Reject' process - Send back and Delete

Send Back

  1. If the approver selects 'Send Back' - They will be prompted for a reason for the rejection (not required but recommended)

2. Once the user clicks 'Send Back', the task will be returned to the previous stage of the transcription route. E.g. If the previous stage was 'Pending' the task will be returned to 'Work in Progress' for the original typist.

3. Once the task is re-opened, if the approver has added a reason for rejection in the above step, it will be available under the section 'Notes'


  1. To find a task that has been rejected or deleted, click 'All Tasks' at the top of the page

2.  From the search options, drop down 'Task Status' and select 'Rejected'

3. Click update table

4. We can now see all the rejected tasks in the search results

Note: Only a manager can restore a deleted task

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