Note: This can only be completed by an assigned manager 

  1. Log into
  1. From the top Left menu select 'ALL TASKS'

3. From here add your search criteria to the search fields - In this case task statue = 'Work in Progress'

Note: The more information you provide the more accurate your search results will be in locating your task

4. Once you have located the 'Work in Progress' task, click the button with '3 dots' to display a list of options

5. From here we have 3 main options:

     a. Return to pending - This will return the task to the main transcription pool
     b. Send to next Stage - This will force the task onto the next stage of the route
     c. Send to previous stage - This will return the task to the previous stage of the route
     d. If you are unsure of the route stages you can click the first option - 'View Route'

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