Note: If you want to use T-Pro to transcribe audio into another application please be aware that only audio will be stored in T-Pro - there will be no text for future reference

  1. Log into as a secretary

2. From here we can see tasks in Pending (tasks for typing), Storing (tasks for printing and saving) and Work in Progress (tasks specifically assigned to you).

3. Open any task and click update on the task information screen

4. On the bottom of the screen you will be able to see the player bar

5. To the left of the 'Return to list' button there is a small grey box with an arrow going through it - Click this button

6. This will display the floating player

7. Open up your editor of choice that you wish to transcribe into (e.g. Word, EMR etc) and you can now use the footpedal as normal to playback your task

Once you are finished typing close the floating player and click 'Save' in T-Pro so the document is completed in the T-Pro system and archived accordingly

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