Setting up text replacements

  1. Select a task from the PENDING queue.

=> The task opens in the TEXT EDITOR.

2. Click on the '3 dots' beside Characters and select TEXT REPLACEMENT.
to display more options.

=> The Edit text replacements window opens. It consists of 2 sections Replace and with:

3. Click on ADD NEW and you will see a new blank entry created.

4. In the text box under Replace, enter the word you wish to type, e.g. Address.

5. In the text box under with enter the replacement text and click on SAVE.

=> The replacement text will be available to you in your document.

Applying text replacements

  1. Back in the TEXT EDITOR type Address in your document (following the above example).

  2. Double-hit the space bar to replace this term.

=> The text which will replace your simple term will be auto populated in your document. 

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