Note: The following can only be completed by a Manager

GP Address Book overview: The Address Book will provide users with names and addresses of registered GP's in the jurisdiction.  Other addresses and address lists can be configured by a facility.  If available, the following episode based data will be linked to addresses in the address book to make it easily referable.

  1. Consulting Doctor
  2. Admitting Doctor
  3. Attending Doctor
  4. Referring Doctor
  5. Primary Care Provider
  1. Open the template that you wish to add details to from the above information - For this example we will take a blank template
  2. Within the template text editor, click your cursor to the position where you want the Address book information to be displayed
  3. Click the 'Insert Recipient field' button to add the merge field - We can now see the merge field added to the template

4. Now scroll back up and drop down the 'Recipient Type' Menu

5. From here we can see the following options for the initial default address

6. Make your selection - If you have an integration / HL7 feed, the selection you have made will display the corresponding information in the template when opened in the transcription editor 

7. If there is NO integration / HL7 feed you can select ANY of the options here.

8. Once you are finished creating the template click 'Save' 

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