Note: You must be a manager to access Reports on T-Pro.

  1. From the top menu select 'Reports'

2. From here we now have access to several reports including:
a. Dictation
b. Transcription
c. Processing
d. Approval
e. Storing
f. Outsourced  

3. For all reports we can use the same search box to narrow down results by drilling down into groups tab you will be able to see granular reports on an individual basis.

Dictation Report

The dictation report can be broken down into 4 sub reports based on:

  1. Task count - This shows us a total number of tasks created for the given period broken down by department. The Blue number represent total number of tasks that were outsourced.

2. Task length - This show us the total length of all tasks created in each department.

3. Task Status - This reports gives a break down of the number of live tasks at each status, in each department. It also shows the date of the oldest task. Any task in RED has exceeded the expected turn around time These rules are set by Administrators at a facility level see: Facility Overview Screens

4. Turnaround time- This report displays the average turnaround time for documents.  Dictation turnaround time (distinct from transcription or approval) shows time from creation date to completed.

Transcription Report

The transcription report gives productivity statistics for facilities internal typing groups. Similar to the dictation report, the Transcription Report can be broken down into 5 sub reports based on:

  1. Task Count  - Displays total number of documents typed by each transcription group.

2. Task Length - Displays total amount of audio typed for each transcription group. 

3. Character Counts - Displays total number of characters typed by each transcription group.

4. Turnaround time - Displays average turn around times for typed documents.  Turnaround for transcription reports is the time from creation until the document is transcribed.  It does not include storing or approval.

5. The Power report is based on a character per second speed for each group or typist.  This is calculated by dividing the total time a transcriber is active in a task by the number of characters typed.  The final figure is multiplied out to 1 decimal place to give a comparative figure. 

Approval Report

The approval report can be broken down into 3 sub reports.

  1. Waiting for approval - Total number of documents that are waiting for approval

2. Approved - Total number of documents historically approved.

3. Turnaround time - Average turnaround time for tasks to be approved.  This is the time from when a task enters a waiting for approval status until it is approved by the user. 

Outsourced Report

The Outsourced report can be broken down into 5 sub reports

  1. Costs - Total cost of outsourcing in '€' for each department

2. Task Count - Total number of tasks outsourced 

3. Task Length - Total length of tasks outsourced 

4. Character Counts - Total number of characters typed by outsourced provider 

5. Turnaround time - Average turnaround time for documents outsourced.  This counts from the time that the document was created, to the time that it was returned to the hospital 

Note: This does not discount time whilst the task was not available to outsourced provider. 

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