1. Go to the task you want to print.

=> There are two ways to print a document:

a) Click on the print icon in the TEXT EDITOR section.

Author user

Authors can select how to distribute the document:

  • To individual or to All recipients

  • Electronically or physically

=> In the above case 2 hard copies will be printed. No email will be sent.

  • Extra copy

Select this option if you want an additional hard copy to be printed.
=> You will get a duplicate print of the document for filing.

NOTE: Remember that no copy will be printed if you do not have Physical selected for at least one recipient. In the below sample no physical copy would be generated:

General print preview

1. You can adjust various settings before printing:

  • Destination

  • Pages

  • Copies

  • Color

  • More settings such as paper size, pages per sheet and scale.

2. Click on Print.

b) Click on the three dots next to PATIENT HISTORY in the TEXT EDITOR section.

=> A drop-down menu offers more options.


=> The same print options as described above will be available to you.

2. Click on Print.

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