1. Open the task in question
  2. Click on 'Task Informatin' at the top of the letter

3. Select the 'Report Type' drop down and select the required Report Type

4. Click 'Update'
5. We can now see that the Template of the letter has changed
6.If the letter was already typed before you changed the template, the previously typed text may seem to have 'disappeared'
7. To recover this you can see 'Access previous content' below the ribbon bar. Beside this (In this example) we can see 'Body'. 

8. If we hover over this we can see the contents of the body field before changing the template

9. If we click on the 'Body' button, we get a message

10. From here you can now paste directly into the 'empty' body, and restoring all previous text.

11. Repeat steps as necessary for other fields 

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