When you log in you will see three headings at the far top left hand side of the screen:  

  1. Dashboard 
  2. Live Tasks
  3. All Tasks

1. Dashboard: 

This is a record of all the letters and characters you have typed for the current calendar month.

2. Live Tasks:

This is where you will find letters that are in progress, whether waiting to be typed, or in the case of Author and Storer accounts, waiting to be approved, stored etc. Note: If a letter is in another user's work in progress (WIP) you will not be able to view it until it is sent on to the next stage or returned to the main queue.

If a letter has been finalised it will be status ‘Completed’ is no longer considered to be live. You will not find completed letters in Live Tasks.

3. All Tasks:

This is the letter archive. From here you will be able to search all letters regardless of their status (Pending, Work in Progress, Storing etc) but you will only be able to open letters that have been finalised and are status Completed.

Searching for a Letter:

In All Tasks you will be able to use any information you have about the letter and enter it into the search table. 

The quickest and most reliable type of information you can have to locate a letter is a Task ID. This the unique 6 digit code generated by the system when the dictation is originally created and uploaded by the Author. This can be entered into the search bar at the top right hand corner of the screen. Then click ‘ok’.

Search bar options:
First Option

Joe Bloggs = anything that contains joe and blogs
Joe = anything that contains Joe
12345 = anything that contains 12345 (W12345 included)
20/12 = anything that contains 20/12 (20/12/2009...)

Second option
We have a simple search language
We call operators
& = AND
| = OR
! = NOT

The task ID is NOT the hospital patient identifier.

If you do not have the task ID there are a number of other ways to locate a letter in All Tasks.

The Search Table:

The search criteria is divided into:

  • Time Period
  • Task Status
  • Priority Level
  • Department
  • Author Group
  • Author
  • Transcriber

Filling in as much of this information as you have will lead to a more accurate search result.

For example, if all you know is the Author who dictated the letter and the date on which they dictated, you can go to time period select “Custom” and enter the specific date or date range. (Please note, the time period will always default to the current month and so will not display results from a previous period unless this is updated by the user). You can then select Department and Author Group for that doctor and select their name from the drop down list of Authors. This will give you a definitive list of all the dictations uploaded by that Author on a particular date, which is likely to aid your search.

Note: A patient’s name or hospital number can also be searched in the search bar on the top right hand corner of the page, however this is not a reliable way to search for a letter as this information may have been inaccurately entered, incorrectly spelled or omitted during the dictation stage.

Search Results:

Once you have located the letter you were searching for it will be displayed below the search table. It is important to note the status of the letter as this will indicate at which stage of the process a letter is at and also who you may need to contact in order to gain access to that letter.

Letter Status:

  • New - A letter which is currently being uploaded.
  • Pending - A letter waiting to be typed.
  • Work in Progress (WIP) - A letter currently being typed.
  • Review/Pending (or Review / Progress) - A letter in the Quality Control queue or in a Reviewer’s WIP.
  • Processing/Pending (or Processing / Progress) - A letter in the hospital pre-approval editing queue. Or in a hospital Editor’s WIP
  • Waiting for Approval (or Waiting for second Approval) - Awaiting doctor (or doctors)  approval.
  • Storing/Pending (or Storing / Progress) - A letter in the Storing queue or in a Storer’s WIP
  • Completed - A letter which has been finalised and is no longer considered live.

Finally if you still cannot locate a letter despite trying all the above steps please contact us via the in-App chat on the bottom left hand corner of your screen:

Alternatively, you can email us at support@tpro.ie or call us on (01)9696400 and we will be happy to provide assistance.

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