If your footpedal stops working you can try the following:

Restart T-Pro Connect 

  1. Down at the bottom right of your screen ( beside the clock) you should be able to see T-Pro connect running 

2. Right click, and click 'Restart'

3. Close T-Pro and log back in and test


If T-Pro connect is not visible as show above:

  1. Log out of T-Pro and close your browser
  2. Open 'My Computer'
  3. Select C:\
  4. Select 'Program Data'  (hidden by default)
  5. Select 'T-Pro -Connect'
  6. Double click on 'T-ProConnect.exe'

6. You should now see T-Pro connect appear down beside the clock (as show above)
7. Log back into T-Pro and test that the footpedal now works


Clearing the cache

  1. Press ctrl+shift+delete
  2. Select 'All Time' for your time range 
  3. Click 'Clear All Data'

4. Close T-Pro and then log back in

Restart you computer

  1. If all of the above fails restart your computer and then make sure T-Pro connect is running in the system tray 

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