Why you should use Text Replacement commands?

You can use Text Replacement commands for content you re-use frequently in your documents to save time, effort and reduce errors.

To create new text replacement commands:

  1. While logged into T-Pro, create a new task
  2. Click the '3 dots' beside Characters and select 'Text Replacement'  

3. Click 'Add New' and you will see a new blank entry created

4. Under the 'Replace' heading, type which ever word you wish to type. So for example, "normalexam"
     Note: You cannot use spaces here so you can use: " Normal-Exam",             "NormalExam", " Normal_Exam"

5. Under 'with' heading type:

  • On examination, the patient appeared in good health and spirits. Vital signs as documented. Skin warm and dry and without overt rashes. Lungs clear. Heart exam notable for regular rhythm, normal sounds and absence of murmurs, rubs or gallops. 

6. Within the T-Pro editor you can now activate your microphone and say 'Insert Normal Exam' and you will see the above text populate into the editor. 

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