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How to Dictate Using Beacon Dictate
How to Dictate Using Beacon Dictate
Author => This article describes how to download and use Beacon Dictate.
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Download and Install

  1. First, download the 'T-Pro Dictate' app for you Android or Apple device:

2. Launch the app and log in to your account.

Dictation Process

3. To begin a new dictation, tap the record button on the bottom of your screen.

4. This will bring up the below screen - from here tap Select a patient.

Scheduled Patients

5. The below screen offers various options to find and select a patient:

  • The listed patients appear in the order of their appointment time.

  • By default the current day is displayed.

  • Scroll down to view the entire list for the day.

  • With the search bar you can search for a patient by their name, ID or DOB.

  • With the calendar function you can move to past or future dates.

  • If your search does not give you any hit, move through the calendar to find the patient on another day.

For more information on this section please see here.

Filter Button

There is a filter function to access additional patient lists, e.g. if you are working with different clinics.

  • Tap in the List field to select another patient list and apply it.

In the Select a Patient screen you still have the option to add patient data manually.

You might also be able to use the QR scanner.

6. Select the patient you wish to record on and return to the recording screen.


7. Select a Priority where applicable - Normal is set by default.


8. Select a Group where applicable.

Note: A default group can be set in the settings menu.

Document Type

9. Select a Document type where applicable - by default this will be the template you are working with.

Recording Options

10. To begin recording, press the record button on the bottom of your screen.

11. You can pause the recording at any time by pressing pause at the bottom of the screen.

12. To play back a recording, first pause the dictation and you can then drag the blue slider back to where you want to start from. Then tap again on the play button.

13. If you need to insert audio or overwrite, pause the recording, slide the audio back to the time you wish to edit, and tap the record button again. Then choose Insert or Overwrite.

14. To finish and send your recording tap on the 'tick' symbol.

Approval and Rejection

15. You can also Approve, Edit or Reject documents on the app. To do this tap on the Approval section.

      a) Tap on a task in your Approval queue.

      b) Before approving you can edit the document by tapping on the pen icon.

      c) After editing the document you will see the option 'Save' in the top right corner.

      d) When the document is ready you can Approve it with the button.

      Note: Once approved your electronic signature will be applied to the document.

      If you select to Reject the document you can include a note advising what is
wrong and it will be sent back to the typist.

Task History

16. In this section you have the ability to look at past documents. Just tap on the clock symbol in the top right of the screen.

Note: This is an option and must be enabled.


a) Here, all documents are listed and you can easily view their status. Use the
search function to find a specific document.

    b) You can also narrow down your search using the calendar. To set a date range
first tap on a date to select your start  date. Then tap another date to select the
end date.

      Tap on the 'tick' symbol to view all documents within the set date range.

Useful Tips

  • You can set your default Priority, Group and Template in the Settings menu. Select the group you would use most for your dictations.

  •  You can contact our Help Centre via the app at any stage as long as you have an
    internet connection.

Note: You do not need an internet connection in order to dictate. You can dictate as     normal without an internet connection and upload your files once you are connected again and open the app.

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk or

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