This article explains how to amend the patient demographics section as appropriate, when some or all of the demographic details need to be changed. 

When typing, reviewing or editing a letter you will note a pencil symbol on the top left of the page outside the body of the letter and just below the words, "All Tasks" and Patient.

This may be blank or may already contain a patient name and hospital number. 

By clicking on the pencil symbol a new window called "Edit Task Information" will open.

All information in this window is editable apart from apart from DOB and Dictated at.

If the patient hospital number dictated (or entered manually) by the author is correct it can be entered into the Patient Search bar above. (Once you have entered the patient number you will need to select "search all" or hit return to run the search).

This will then pull all relevant information for that patient into the body of the letter, patient name, patient address, GP name and address, clinic visits etc.

If for any reason it does not, but you already know the correct information or the doctor has dictated the correct information it can also be entered manually.

If you need to change the template (report type) or author you can also do so from here.

After the amendments have been made you will need to click "Update" for the changes to be applied.

*Please Note (Changes that may require Helpdesk assistance)

  • Most changes made after the author has approved the letter (in storing stage) will result in removal of the authors digital signature.
  • Changes to the author will send the letter back to Pending. 

If you have any questions in relation to this article please contact the online Helpdesk or email

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