Open the T-Pro Dictate app as normal and you will see the following screen.

2.  Tap on record as normal (Red Mic symbol) and you will get the following.

3. Having no internet connection means that you will not be able to import patient details etc so it will have to be input manually.
(It can be left blank as patient name/MRN will be in the dictation)

4. Templates don't import either so don't worry about leaving this blank (This can be amended by secretaries/typists)

When you're ready tap on record and dictate as normal and tap on the tick in the top right corner once done. (Will only display once dictation is recorded)

5. The recording will attempt to upload for the next 30 minutes. If there's still no internet connection then it will stop trying to upload the recording. When the dictation is attempting to upload you will see the following in your phone notifications:

6. When the dictations stops trying to upload then you will need to open the app and refresh for the dictation to attempt to upload again. I would recommend doing this when you know you have an internet connection.

To do this you will need to swipe down on the app from top to bottom. (From where the arrow is on below image)

7. You will then see it preparing the upload and as long as you have an internet connection they will upload.

You can start several dictations without an internet connection. All of them will upload once you have an internet connection and refresh.

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