This article explains how a manager may move a task from one point of the transcription route to another. This can be used, for example, if a task is in a transcriber's Work in Progress or if a task has been completed and needs to be reopened. 

Login at using your manager account credentials. 

To understand how to move tasks, it's best to understand that each letter follows a certain route, these tend to vary depending on the facility/department/author group. 

The standard route that is followed within a facility where the typing is done in-house is: 

Author dictates, goes to secretary to be typed, goes back to author for approval, and finally back to the secretary for printing and finalising. 

When moving a task in All Tasks, you will be moving it along this route. Each step in the route has a corresponding status. 

Pending: waiting to be typed.
Work in Progress: in the process of being typed by transcriber.
Waiting for Approval: with author for approval.
Storing | Pending: waiting to be printed and finalised.
Storing | Progress: in the process of being printed and finalised. 

To move a task, firstly, go to All Tasks. You can search for the specific task by searching by Task ID or MRN. 

Once you have the task you need to move, click on Options;

This will produce a drop down menu. 

View Route: This will allow you to see the specific route of this particular task.
Return to Pending: This will allow you to send the task back to the beginning of the route.
Send to Next Stage: This will allow you to move this task onto the next step of the route. For example, if a task is in Work in Progress, dependent on the route, this will send the task to Waiting for Approval. 

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