Basic Principles 

1. Speak at a normal conversational speed and volume. The rhythm stress and intonation of speech are all key to accuracy.
2. Pause before and after commands, ensure that they are not apart of the sentence.
3. Avoid having background noise while dictating as this can be picked up. 

Add lines and space
New line
New paragraph 

Dictating Punctuation  
Full Stop
,   Comma
?  Question Mark
!   Exclamation Mark
(   Open Bracket
)   Close Bracket
"   Open Quote
"   Close Quote
:   Colon
;   Semicolon
/   Forward slash
\   Back slash 

-   Hyphen
--  Dash 

Formatting text
To enter            Say

50mg                fifty milligrams
40%                   forty percent
12/12/2019         12th of December 2019
PSA                    psa
Dr                       doctor

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