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Login to with your manager or master credentials.

Go to the department to which you would like to add a transcription route. 

  1. Go to the Transcription Routes tab.

  2. Click on the option New Transcription Route:

The New Transcription Route window opens:

3. Fill in a name.
    This could be the name of the author group which should use this route.
    You can also choose a more general name if you want different groups to use this        route.
4. Select a group you want the new transcription route to be assigned to.
5. Set up the workflow the new transcription route should follow.
You have the following options; scroll through them all:

VoiceRecognition - this will get added if you have paid for this feature or T-Pro types your letters.
Transcription - select if you want to assign this route to a particular transcription group to process these letters.
Editing - is only relevant to T-Pro.
Review - this will need to be added if your letters are being typed by T-Pro.
Processing - again, if your letters are typed by T-Pro, this will allow the letters to go to admin staff prior after being typed, before going to the doctors for approval.
Approval and Second Approval - offers the options Creator, Specific Person or Group. We recommend to select Creator for Approval and Specific Person for Second Approval.
Storing - this is the group of admin staff who will be printing/finalising the letters. 

6. Click on Save.

This will create the new transcription route.
Below you see that 1 route has been added named General Use. You can see the workflow for this route and that Authors Group A is assigned to it.

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