If a patient - you - cannot or should not go out to visit a medical surgery in person, you do not need to miss the appointment.
T-Pro eClinic connects you via your mobile phone or your computer with your doctor.
All you need is:

  • the link to access via email or SMS

  • mobile phone OR computer

Follow the easy steps to virtually access your appointment:

  1. You have received a scheduled appointment from your healthcare provider in your email inbox. 

2. Click on this email to open it.
It contains your invitation with the date and time of your appointment.

3. On the scheduled day, at the right time click on the blue button to start your virtual visit.

4. You enter the virtual waiting room.

  • The virtual waiting room is a blue screen which will disappear when your doctor joins the session.

NOTE: You might need to give permission for your camera and microphone to be used.

  • The field in the right corner shows yourself if you use a camera. This is what your provider will see.

  • When the blank screen disappears you will see your provider. 

  • You can now talk to your provider securely, in the same way as if you were visiting in person.

Screen Options 

Use the icons to Mute your microphone or Hang up to end the call.

Chat Option
You can use the chat function in the top left corner of your screen.

A red dot indicates that you have a message.

Click on the icon.

You see your session information and can type a message.

  • Use the chat, for example if you cannot hear the doctor.

Screenshot Option

Your doctor might want to take a snapshot of your screen.

This has to be requested and can only be done if you grant your permission.

You see the following message on your screen:

Good luck with your appointment and thank you for trusting to use T-Pro

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