The T-Pro eCLINIC MANAGER is a new feature within the author's work-space which enables easy access to online consultation hours.

  • You can see your patient one-to-one.

  • Colleagues who belong to the same medical group can join the session.

Arrange an appointment

  1. Click on the new option eCLINIC MANAGER in the T-Pro application. The main screen is the Clinic Schedule.

=> In the below image the list is empty because you have no appointment yet.

2. Click on the INVITE button on the right of your screen. The Session Invite window opens.

3. Select a date and time for your session.

4. Enter the patient's name. A Subject ID is not mandatory.

5. Enter the patient's email address OR mobile number.
5. Select your Author Group.

Option Extra participants:

Use the ADD function if you want to invite other participants such as a colleague doctor.
6. Click on SEND to notify the patient via email about their appointment.

  • Your patient receives an email with the appointment details, including a button to access the virtual waiting room.

  • The new appointment is displayed in the clinic schedule.

Clinic Schedule

The clinic schedule works on group level.

All appointments displayed in this list are visible to all of your group members.

  • You - as the responsible doctor/consultant - attend to your patients here.

  • Any other colleague of your group can at any time join the call for a multiple doctors session if necessary.

A colour code indicates the status of each session:

Blue = Scheduled => all patients with future appointments

Green = Patient online => indicates that your next appointment is waiting for you online

Yellow = Session running => this patient is currently in an online session

Red = Did not attend - Session ended => the patient did not connect

Lighter blue and greyed out entry = Session ended => the appointment has been taken

NOTE: The colour codes work in the same way for phone call appointments. Phone calls are indicated with a handset icon.

Take the appointment

  1. In the clinic schedule click on the patient's entry with the green dot in front (your patient is already in the virtual waiting room).

  2. You enter the virtual session.

=> You might need to grand access to your camera and microphone.

3. Click on JOIN CALL to connect with your patient.

NOTE: Other consultants of your group can join the session in the same way to have a multiple doctors appointment.

  • You should now be able to view your patient and your patient can see you.

In your session you have the following options:

Mute => use the microphone icon to mute your side (the patient cannot hear you or your surroundings)
Hang up => use the red phone icon to end the call

  • Exit without ending => Patient stays online, you can proceed the call

  • Leave session         => You end the session (your patient will receive an onscreen  message)

Screen options => click on the blue icon with the dots to see more options:

Share screen => you share your screen with the patient (e.g. to view an x-ray together)

Session information

View details about the patient and the current session.

At the top left of your screen you see more fields (described from right to left):

Timer => displaying the duration of the session

CHAT => click to open a space where you can send written information to the patient. NOTE: This chat is visible to everybody in the call.

PEOPLE => all attendees of the session are listed here

REQUEST SNAPSHOT => with this option you send a prompt to the patient for permission to take a snapshot of what you see on the screen.

Click on the dots next to the patient's name:

NOTE: The patient sees the below message and the snapshot is taken as soon as he/she confirms the request.

=> If the patient denies the request, you will receive a message.

Settings => access your AUDIO and VIDEO settings

Leaving the session

Click on the cross in the left corner to end the virtual session.

This is the same as using the red phone icon.

You have two options:

RETURN TO WAITING ROOM => send the patient back to the waiting room and continue with your session shortly after

END SESSION => the session is finished and you terminate the connection

=> This brings you back to the clinic schedule.

Clinic schedule options

To the right of the schedule list you can access further options.

Click on the three dots. A drop-down list opens.

Typically, you would follow up an appointment with a new task.

ADD NOTE => Leave notes for yourself or your colleagues.

EDIT APPOINTMENT => brings up the Session invite window again where you can change the invite information e.g. the date, and SEND to the patient again

CANCEL APPOINTMENT => deletes the scheduled appointment from the list and sends the patient a notification to that effect
PATIENT PROFILE - displays patient information and history (if any)

RESEND VIDEO INVITE - option to send the invite a second time
NEW TASK => Creates a new task in T-Pro Dictate document workflow
MARK AS COMPLETED => Marks the patient as attended.  This is used if you were unable to connect via the video call, but connected via the phone.

SESSION HISTORY => provides you with an overview of the call such as patient's waiting time and other events during the session.

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