Accessing eCM

If you are already a T-Pro user, once logged in,  you will see the tab CLINIC MANAGER along the top of your screen:

Click on it to enter the Clinic Schedule screen:

Clinic Schedule

  1. This allows you to filter your schedule. You can view all patients on the live clinic list,  just the patients that have been sent direct invites, or both (Show all).

  2. List of patients with an appointment on the current day

  3. Click here to choose the appropriate date depending on whether the clinic schedule you want is for today, a date in the past or a future date. 

  4. If you want to set up a new appointment you click on INVITE. The Session Invite window opens where you can fill out schedule time and the patient’s contact information.

  5. You can search a specific patient on your list by name or MRN.

Step 1 - you will need to select a specific date and time in the future. The appointment duration will default to 15 minutes from the start time but can be manually adjusted.

Mandatory fields are:

  • Patient name

  • Patient email OR Mobile number

  • Your author group (or speciality)

Option Extra participant:

Use the ADD function if you want to invite other participants such as a colleague doctor.

Click on SEND to notify the patient via email about their appointment.

The email will look like the following and contain, patient name, date of the appointment and the name of the hospital.

Once the email has been sent, if today’s date is the date of the scheduled visit, you will see the patient’s name listed, with a blue symbol beside their name.

Blue - scheduled appointment

The icon turns green once the patient has entered the virtual waiting room (and it is within 5 minutes of the appointment).

The patient's waiting time is displayed.

Green - indicating the patient is online

An entry with a light blue icon and greyed out patient information has been taken.

Starting the Video Call

When you see the patient is online you can click on their name. A new window opens and you can begin the video call. 

Initially it will request permission to use your microphone and camera. 

You need to click on Allow in order to continue.

When you are ready to begin the consultation click on JOIN CALL.

You should then be able to see and hear the patient, greet them and begin your consultation.

Call options

Throughout the duration of your call you have icons available at the bottom of your screen:

Microphone - mute or unmute your microphone

Hang up - exit the session or end the consultation

More options - more buttons become available

Share screen - share your screen with the patient to show what you look at

Blur background - click to activate a blurred background for yourself

Along with verbal communication you can also send the patient instant messages.

When you click on the send arrow, the patient will see a red flashing dot on their side, indicating that they have received a message:

Request a snapshot

In the Session information section you can select PEOPLE. This shows all attendees of the call. Click on the three dots next to a name to request a snapshot.

The other party needs to give their consent. They will see the following message:

If they confirm your request the snapshot will be taken automatically.
NOTE: Notify your patient about this beforehand, so they can place themselves or the object in a good position before the screenshot is taken.

Ending a Consultation

When you are ready to conclude your consultation you can choose:

  1. Leave the session - meaning the patient remains online, perhaps waiting for a consultation with another member of your team

  2. End the consultation, meaning both you and the patient will hang up and end the consultation.

Following a successful video consult you can create a new task on T-Pro just as you would have before when creating a new dictation:


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