Speech recognition (SR) must be enabled for you (e.g. by your manager).

You can then use SR with the mobile app T-Pro Dictate on your cell phone or via the web or desktop application with an internal or external microphone.

Web application

  1. Go to www.tpro.io and log in with your T-Pro credentials.

  2. You want to create a new task - click on the Create task icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Enter all data required in the Edit task information window and click on UPDATE.

➢ The next window displays the document template for your new task.

At the bottom of the page is the speech recognition tool.

NOTE:​ To start the speech recognition tool you need to allow the app to access the

microphone of your computer.

4. Place the cursor in a text field, e.g. [INSERT] for the main text body.

Then click on the microphone icon in the bottom left corner to start dictating.

There are some standard rules for the dictation process you need to apply to receive the best results:

➢ Speak clearly at a normal speed.

➢ Try not to hesitate, mumble or repeat yourself.

➢ Punctuation has to be spoken.

See http://help.tpro.io/en/articles/3671795-speech-recognition-guidelines-and-commands for further information.

5. If your dictation process for this task is completed use one of the options to process your task:

Delete - discards task and returns user to live task screen.

Keep as WIP - saves the task in drafts for future editing.

Send to Editor - sends task to pending status in normal diactation workflow.

Finalise - skips any normal typing workflow steps, digitally signs document and sends for printing/export.

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