ø 22-10-2019 - version 1.5.0

  1. Ability to remove and add masters to master groups;
  2. Attachments for Speech Write when creating tasks from recorder;
  3. CSV Import users - In user menu for each facility there is now an import button, You can get a sample CSV and use it to bulk create users. You will be notified if any users already exist etc;
  4. Show on task list if task was uploaded using T-Pro Sync - sync is the new way of uploading via portable;
  5. First time login with EULA, reset password, if author set signature - upon first login users will sign T&C's update password and provide signature for electronic sign-off for authors;
  6. Add author name in transcribers email notifications;
  7. Attachments counts on task view;
  8. Resources and SOP - stored in resources menu under user account;
  9. Showing user phone number in profile screen;
  10. Manuals for user roles - in resources menu;
  11. Pending and WIP limits for transcribers;
  12. Password been checked for weak passwords;
  13. New driver version with background uploader for recorder;
  14. Option to use local address book - instead of the global address book, facilities can use their own.

ø 13-08-2019 - version 1.4.7

  1. Group lists interface updated for better experience;
  2. Users lists are easier to search;
  3. New audit trails logs;
  4. Now we save the position of the player seeker when paused, so you can keep working from where you stopped;
  5. Many bug fixes and improvements for transcribers, authors and admin users.

ø 25-03-2019 - version 1.4

  1. Edit priority of front-end tasks while dictating;
  2. Bulk actions for task lists, now its possible to print up to 15 tasks at the same time;
  3. Template has an option to print CC as Cover Page of letters for faster printing;
  4. Web Recorder now saves the current version and works faster;
  5. Refactor settings for entities;
  6. Integration with Active Directory login;
  7. Audit trails for user actions on the system has been upgraded;
  8. Bug fixes and enhancements.

ø 10-01-2019 - version 1.3.18

  1. Many enhancements behind the scenes to make T-Pro faster;
  2. Reports now show overdue values in a separated column;
  3. T-Pro Connect now is prepared to integrate with Windows terminal services using the external user name on the user profile;
  4. New UI for comments section on task view;
  5. Now authors can set the task priority while creating a new front-end task or in the task view;
  6. T-Pro can handle 250MB files when using web upload;
  7. Bug fixes;
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