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Product Updates - Android 2021 (2020)
Product Updates - Android 2021 (2020)

T-Pro Dictate

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Here at T-Pro, we are always improving our apps to attend the necessity of the user. In this last update we made the following changes:

ø 23/06/2021 - version 1.16.0

Version Summary:

This release introduces patient lists for easy patient/client data selection.


- List for scheduled patients/clients

- General list containing all patients/clients

- Search functions for individual patients/clients

- Filter function for additional patient/clients lists

- Uninterrupted dictation process

ø 26/03/2021 - version 1.15.4

- Now users can enable the setting "Confirm before sending" in the app settings to request the confirmation of task upload in the recorder screen.

- General crash fixes.

ø 30-11-2020 - version 1.15.1

Version Summary:

Main changes in this update are UI related and performance improvements.


- Updated server authentication process

- Vibration disabled during VR process

- Button corrections (e.g. task details, task history)

- Task opening behaviour from task history

- Corrected group selection in recorder

- Playback pauses when a user leaves the task detail screen

- Various minor bug fixes

ø 30-10-2020 - version 1.15.0

Version Summary:

This release does not contain any significant user interface changes but instead reflects platform architectural changes.


- QR Code Scanner can now be opened in the dialog Add patient manually.
- Task history notice should not open in full screen.
- Corrected timeline offset and removed skip buttons during the playback.
- Fixed menu behaviour and improved data loading in relation to the queue screens.
- Synchronisation of document type works now when the user changes the group to get the default document template.
- Fixed button behaviour in various custom versions.


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