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Product Updates - iOS 2021 (2020)
Product Updates - iOS 2021 (2020)

T-Pro Dictate

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Here at T-Pro, we are always improving our apps to attend the necessity of the user. In this last update we made the following changes:

ø 23-06-2021 - version 1.4.6

Version Summary:

This release introduces patient lists for easy patient/client data selection.


- List for scheduled patients/clients

- General list containing all patients/clients

- Search functions for individual patients/clients

- Filter function for additional patient/clients lists

- Uninterrupted dictation process

ø 26-03-2021 - version 1.4.4


- Fixed a bug in the queue list where the audio seeks in the task playback presents a
wrong value when the user resumes the playback.

- No more negative audio duration.

- Fixed iPad crashes and black screen.

- Fixed a bug on the security PIN setup where the field was not getting focused after
input error (only replicable on the iPhone 6).

- General crash fixes.


- Now users can enable the setting "Confirm before sending" in the app settings to
request the confirmation of task upload in the recorder screen.

ø 19-02-2021 - version 1.4.3-(117)


- Infrequent application crashes in recorder section


- Patient / client search can be configured to display a variable amount of results.

ø 30-11-2020 - version 1.4.2

Version Summary:

Main changes in this update are UI related and performance improvements.


- Display adjustments for all devices to prevent overlapping

- Task count correction (tasks for approval)

- Fast user input without index mismatch

- Default document type selection

- Warning message for missing group or document type

- Fixed dimensions of top screen notification badge

- Progress meter fix where users reported percentage stopped at 98-99%

- Various minor bug fixes

ø 30-10-2020 - version 1.4.0

Version Summary:

The major change in this update reflects platform architectural changes.


- Better performance when switching between the lists Draft, Queue, and Approval

- Task history pagination works now after a search

- Button modified in the contact email screen (first time user)

- Fixed timestamp for recorder after play/pause.

- Corrected sync of group and document types.

- Small fixes regarding authentication screen/MFA


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