If you are using T-Pro's eCLINIC MANAGER regular phone appointments can be displayed in your Clinic Schedule. Use the application to call your patients.

  1. Access the CLINIC MANAGER to view the Clinic Schedule.

=> All appointments on the current day are listed.

You can hold video and phone call appointments.

NOTE: The phone call appointments typically derive from your clinic's internal information system.

2. Click on a phone number to call the patient.

3. Click on the green CALL button to ring the patient.

=> The phone session window opens. In the above screenshot it is Ringing. When the patient takes the call it shows In Progress and the duration of the call.

4. Click on HANG UP to end the call.

=> A confirmation message is displayed by the system. If you select YES the entry in your Clinic Schedule will show as a taken call (greyed out).

NOTE: You can also phone a patient who is scheduled for a video appointment by simply clicking on the phone number entry in the clinic schedule:

=> The phone session window opens as shown above.

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