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Security PIN on Your Mobile Device
Security PIN on Your Mobile Device
Author => This article explains how to set a 4-digit security PIN in T-Pro Dictate
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Precondition: This is an optional feature which needs to be enabled by an administrator for your organisation.

  • This feature works the same on all mobile phones.

  • It protects T-Pro Dictate from unauthorised access without the need to log out.

Open T-Pro Dictate on your mobile device.

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down.

  2. Tap on Security PIN.

  3. Set and confirm a personal PIN.

=> Your PIN is set and you have to enter it after each pause to resume working.

In case you don't remember your PIN simply use the Forgot security PIN button.
You will be logged out and need to log in again with your credentials.
You can set a new PIN or remove it again any time via the Settings menu and Security PIN.

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