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Beacon - Patient List Feature
Beacon - Patient List Feature
Introduction to the new patient list design in Beacon Dictate
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This article is showing the new feature to select a patient within T-Pro Dictate.
For a general overview of the app please see here.

  1. You log in the mobile application as usual.

  2. Open the recorder to start a new dictation.

  3. Tap on Patient to enter the patient data.

Select a patient

In this section your patients are listed as they are scheduled for a visit.

  • By default the current day is displayed.

  • Patients appear in the order of the scheduled time.

  • Scroll down to view the entire list for the day.

  • With the search bar you can search for a patient by their name, ID or DOB.

  • With the calendar function you can move to past or future dates.

  • If your search does not give you any hit, move through the calendar to find the patient on another day.


Tap on the Filter button to access additional patient lists, e.g. if you are working with different clinics.

  • Tap in the List field to select another patient list and apply it.

  • Use the option Clear all to remove the selected list.

In the main patient selection screen you have further options:

  • There is a QR scanner function to easily scan patient information.

  • You can still enter patient data manually.

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk or

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