Navigating Search Results

From the ALL TASKS section, when you click on a search result, the task will open in a new tab, keeping your original search results in place.

Note for Masters or Mangers roles, if the status of a task is changed using actions such as RETURN TO PENDING, DELETE, REJECT or SAVE, the tab will close.
To see the changes to the task in the search results, click the UPDATE TABLE button in your search results.

If you have made changes and click the "CLOSE TASK" button, you will be notified that changes made may not be saved. If you do want to save your changes, click the Cancel button followed by the SAVE button for the task (the tab will then close)

New Period options

You are logged in as any user and want to search for a task in the ALL TASKS section.

1) By default the Period field is set to Last 90 Days.

=> This is a new option which helps speeding up your search.

2) If you click into the Period field, you'll have additional new options:

Last 30 Days

Last 60 Days

=> With these options you can easily limit your search period.

The established search parameter can still be selected:

You can still custom your time period or select All time.

NOTE: The All time search takes longer to run and return your result. To improve this performance the default setting is Last 90 Days.

Search field

Performing a free search for a patient name, ID or task ID, etc. requires the entry of at least three characters.

=> This measure also speeds up your search and delivers more limited results.

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