If your company requires approval to access third party apps follow the steps below to grant your users permission to sign in to the T-Pro web application using their Microsoft company accounts. Access will be granted on company level.

The T-Pro Login Screen

Click on Sign in with Microsoft.

Approval is required.

Enter a comment to request approval.

=> A notification is sent to the admin.

The Azure Admin Center

  1. Log in to the Azure Admin Center with your admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory.

  3. In the left side menu under Activity select Admin consent requests (a).

=> T-Pro will be listed in the section My Pending (b).

4. Select the entry to view the details.

5. Click on Review permissions and consent.

=> With this all users of your organisation are able to access the T-Pro application.

Your users have to select Sign in with Microsoft at the T-Pro Login screen.
Further information on the user side can be found here.

For further support please look at Microsoft's product documentation.

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