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Group Video Session

  • eClinic Manager can now cater for up to 50 participants on a group video session.

Launches in New Tab

  • A video session will now be launched in a new browser tab.

  • This will allow the clinician to view/access the Clinic Schedule, as well as Edit Appointment e.g. invite additional participants

Audio and Video Settings

  • Once the patient or clinician enters the waiting area, or during the video session, they can check audio and video settings.

  • In addition, the user can check their connection.

Starting the Video Session

  • To begin the video session, click Join Session.

  • The clinician must then admit the patient and other participant(s) to enter the video session.
    Note: The clinician can also remove participants from the video session.

Additional/New Features During Video Session

  • The sidebar displays a list of all participants who have joined or are waiting to join the video session, and are searchable by name.

  • The clinician has the ability to mute or unmute the patient or other participant during the video session.

  • Users can pin the user screen to display the pinned participant only.

  • Users can also toggle layout to change from tile view to display the current active speaker.

  • Clinicians can reposition their video tile (the default location is top right hand corner of the screen).

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