ø 16-12-2020


  • Job title for merge fields

  • Permissions for master and manager revisited

  • Contact email setting refactored, separating notifications from contact email

  • Fixed distribution printing when multiple recipients are selected and cover page is disabled

  • Fixes on queries for departments and author groups

  • Entity level with full access to eCM for Masters


  • Visit format added to eCM

  • Enabled Phone calls on eCM

  • eCM notifications time frame for integrations

  • eCM 3.0 (Multiple patients invitation)


  • Migration to new NLP infrastructure

  • New distribution option for extra copy

  • Admin can select second approver for a task when it is missing

ø 02-04-2020 - version 1.8.0


  • Home page URLs pointing to hubspot managed ones.

  • Reports are not sent as attachments in an email. They are now downloaded from a URL in emails. 

  • Only note authors can delete notes

  • Issue with moving a task to next or previous for managers.

  • Various minor fixes.


  • Invoices include the list of users for a given period


  • eCM module for video consultations

  • Non-clerical users can delete notes

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