ø 25-07-2022 Version 2.0.2


  • All Tasks - when opening a task in this section by default it opens in new tab

  • Change of password - user will be informed by email that their password has been reset

  • eCM - transcriber's view is limited to the department they are part of

  • eCM - description field to additional participants added


  • Vendor user - landing page is set to "Transcribers" (previously "All tasks")

ø 11-05-2022 Version 2.0.1


  • Blur background effect for eCM calls for clinicians

  • Transcribers now have the ability to upload audio to create tasks

  • Second approval date is now displayed when tasks are exported to CSV.


  • Minor translations fixes.

ø 23-06-2021


  • Database query performance has been improved to address slowness experienced by some users.

  • Reseller related updates

  • Integration engine export feature added.

  • eCM - last attending information displayed.

  • eCM - export tweaks.

  • Various changes for internal monitoring tools.

  • Validations and fixes for transcriptions merge fields


  • First time login issue with setting password and signature experienced by some users has been resolved.

  • Patient lookup bugs resolved.

  • Export database query bug resolved.

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