Note: Any task that is in a status of 'Pending' means that it has been dictated by an Author and is now waiting for Transcription. 

  1. Browse to:
  2. Login with Username & Password

3. Any task that is currently awaiting Transcription will be under 'Pending' on the task list

4. We can see various columns of information relating to each task -

5. When we click on a task it will open the task information as seen below

a. If there is NO integration you will see a screen similar to the below

6. From here we can edit the following information:
     a. Subject Name - Patient Name
     b. Subject ID - Patient ID / MRN
     c. The Group - The Author Group
     d. Report Type (The Template)

7. Once complete click 'Update'

8. If there is an integration you will see a screen similar to the below:

9. From here you can search the patient list for an MRN

10. You can also edit the same information as shown in point 6. 

11. If at any stage you return a task to the pending list or to WIP  (explained further on) the task information screen will be displayed again upon opening the task.

12. When the task is open we can see the Task View has several key areas:

     a. Task Details: At the top of the page you can see all the information about this task and edit the patient and report type template.

     b. Navigator tab
: Under the Task Details, you can access additional information about the task. 

  • Patient demographics, here you can fill the patient details to automatically insert on the letter. 
  • Instructions to transcribers, here you can read instructions about this template
  • Notes, you can create notes here so the authors or managers can see it. 
  • Patient history, history of all letters typed on this patient.

          c. Editor ribbon: Here you can change the format, colour, fonts, and other text formats on the letter.

  • One function to note on the Editor Ribbon is the 'QC' flag - If you are typing a letter and are unsure of a section of audio, you can flag it by pressing 'QC' or pressing F6


  • This will generate something like '<#####00:00#####>' - From here you can enter the time stamp of the audio section you are unable to hear / understand. 
  • If the QC flag is used by either pressing the button or by pressing F6, the document will automatically get passed to Quality Control when it reaches that stage of the workflow, and the QC Team will complete the specified section. 

Note: Make sure to enter the time-stamp e.g. <#####01:32#####>

     d. Text editor: Here is where you will type the main body of the transcription.

     e. Player: Here you can play the dictation using the foot pedal

Note: If your footpedal is not working make sure the footpedal driver is installed -

13. At any time you can press 'Return to list' and the task will be put back onto the 'Pending list' with all changes saved 

14. At any time you can press 'Keep as WIP' which will create a Work In Progress tab in the task bar beside 'Pending'. Anything kept in WIP mean only YOU can see and access this work. No one else has access to it - Be sure not to forget about this work in the event you are going to be away from the office. 

15. When you finish typing, you just need to hit Save at the right bottom of the screen, this will move the task to the next step in your workflow.

If at any stage you have a problem you can consult our Knowledge Base here:

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