1. First, download the 'T-Pro Dictate' app for you Android or Apple device:

2. Launch the App and Log in to your account.

3. To begin a new dictation, tap the red button on the bottom of your screen. 

4. This will bring up the below screen - From here tap 'Select a patient'

5. Select a Patient and complete the form as required:
     a. Name
     b. Subject ID
     c. Date of Birth

     d. If there is an integration a Patient list maybe available to you to select a patient              from.

6. Click 'Save' and you will see the Patient appear in the list

7. Select a priority where applicable - Normal by default

8. Select a group where applicable - A default group can be set

9. Select a Document Type where applicable - a default Document Type can be set
     a. This will be the template that is used - If one is configured

10. To begin recording, press the record button on the bottom of your screen

11. You can pause the recording at any time by pressing pause at the bottom of the page

12. To play back a recording, first pause the dictation and you can then drag the blue slider back to where you want to start from and then press play

13. If you need to insert audio or overwrite, pause the recording, slide the audio playback button to the time you wish to edit, tap the record button and choose insert or overwrite.

13. To finish and send your recording press the 'tick' button

Note: To find out how to approve letters online please see:

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